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Covnovy motor Yamaha 15FMHS – 15FMHS.

Covnovy motor Yamaha 15FMHS – 15FMHS.

Original Japanese version two-stroke engine Yamaha 15FMHS. Double-cylinder carburetor Revue CamStudio, L2 dvigun with a volume of 246 cm 3 and a force of 15 forces. Klasichne control of gas on the tiller, shifting gears behind the aid of a vajel. Zahist from the start with the included gear, the loop is blown in the combustion chamber, the electronic ignition of the CDI, the generator 12V / 6A 80W with the socket on the body and the whole 36 kg.

The motor is mounted on a transom plate with a height of 381 mm. An ideal vibe for the chavnyars who want to be smart and happy to travel around their favorite ribolovli.

History of the Yamaha 15 FMHS engine.

From the point of view of vikoristannya, Yamaha 15 FMHS є to new generations in line with their successor. Without a stranglehold of modesty, it is possible to say another way, that there is a moment, even one of the most popular, if not the most demanding two-stroke 15 to a strong motor in Ukraine. Since, for example, in the 1970s, Yamaha pulled 246 cubic centimeters and looped blowing in the cylinders.

At that hour, all the popular 15l strong motors were mali cylinders with altered inlet and outlet openings for gas flows, as they didn’t only see the badge of productivity, but they also started to finish it with chimeras in the robot.

To that, if Yamaha went to the light market because of her own powerful engine in the end of 1982, and if she got overwhelmed with gasoline and oil 100: 1, it would seem to reduce the difficulty of the engine. One problem with the motor at that long time ago was in the old system of blocking the drive when driving forward / backward on the drive and with the vital importance of shifting gears, which is not such a hand as in its competitors in the United States.

So, in 1995, Yamaha took a look at its 15m strong two-stroke, opening the model of the generation “F”. The upper and lower parts of the hood are nicely smoothly rounded at the top and bottom of the hood, and the profile is more low and more comfortable, the gear shift is already in front, the automatic setting of two positions for driving along the hydraulic line, the lower function of the blocking system for the fuse design at the inlet to the cooling system. Most of the boolean is a cold start system, as it unlocked the throttle with small openings of the throttle valve and the increased ignition.

So, the Yamaha 15FMHS motor has reached its full potential, and in the past they have long recommended themselves as a block of cylinders, the motor has become a vibrator for more important chovnyars.

Features of the Yamaha 15 FMHS motor.

Petlovі blowing pіdvischuє zbiraєtsya potuzhnіst i efektivnіst vikoristannya palivo Electron Transistor-reel system CDI / TCI zapalyuvannya scho not vimagaє obslugovuvannya i zabezpechuє automaticity start іskri for zabezpechennya maksimalnoї potuzhnostі protyagom usogo dіapazonu obertіv Coley dvigun pratsyuє idling vihlopnoї gas rozshiryuєtsya through labіrint scho Significantly reduces the noise, 2-stage expands the muffler Boiler igniter / generator 12V / 6A / 80W with a two-pin rose on the case for illumination, when connected to the direct drive, it is possible to charge the triggering mechanism without automatic start-up. zupinyak dvigun, as the water goes out from the tiller The system for changing the lower position, the large humus support and the vertical space between the upper and lower arms, serve to change the position of the lower temperature control. in the position of nahila for driving along the water plus two parking lots of the upper positions of the Chotiri position of the kut differential, for the attack of the Great Kut to a turn of 45 degrees to the skin side Special aluminum alloy (YDC-30), 5-step anti-aging The tank with a hose is supplied in the capacity of a standard equipment with a Yamaha dt15 FMHS external engine.

Dvigun Yamaha test 15.

Oberth / hv Shvidk_st, km / year Vitratus paliva, l / year 850 (trolling) 4.63 0.6 3500 (glissirovanie 1/2 gas) 23.15 3.2 4000 (cruising 2/3 gas) 27.6 3 , 5 5000 (max.cruising 3/4 throttle) 36.5 4.9 6060 (reverse throttle) 46.11 7.2.

Note: test data in the guidance table for aluminum keel chapel up to 3.6 meters and total amount of 295 kg.

Buy a Yamaha 15 engine.

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