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[05/01/2015, 6:37:43 AM] Athena Hollow: so [05/01/2015, 6:37:49 AM] Athena Hollow: and “Rave Squad” is just a name for a fucking gang who go about the lives they enjoy [05/01/2015, 6:37:52 AM] Remy: XD [05/01/2015, 6:37:56 AM] Remy: And this fucking shit was made famous [04/31/2015, 6:39:04 PM] Charloppe: Charloppe, I can’t believe this shit! [04/31/2015, 6:39:05 PM] Izzy (@iglvzx): I’m too lazy to keep posting so you guys can enjoy the conversation. [04/31/2015, 6:39:19 PM] Remy: I’ll make sure I just get to know him better now [04/31/2015, 6:39:21 PM] Charloppe: But since I don’t own a phone, I don’t need to hear from him because I’m here and he is there. [04/31/2015, 6:39:25 PM] Izzy (@iglvzx): lol no [04/31/2015, 6:39:27 PM] Charloppe: Sorry, I’m running out of time [04/31/2015, 6:39:29Meza Ya Tvotz

A man named Lulu from Zagreb, Croatia, was arrested in a shooting rampage where he killed at least 12 people in the country’s second deadliest school massacre since the start of 2013.

Six people were killed as the shooting rampage rocked Leningrad, in Ukraine’s southeast, and 16 injured.

Maliya Zara Kravchenko, a teacher, was wounded by bullets fired from a pistol by a man in a car, in the central city of Murgia.
Security forces in the city said that 18 people were wounded, including a 15-year-old girl. Six people remain hospitalized in critical condition.

The attack came after gunmen torched a metro train in which six people were killed and 18 wounded last week.

The bloodshed last week at a popular tourist destination had sparked speculation that Russia was involved since the country annexed Crimea from Ukraine last year.

According to reports of the shootings, an individual approached the train at the Breslovka station and took up residence as part of an armed group. As the train approached the station, another gunman opened fire with an AK-47 rifle on the train itself, killing both passengers and the injured at the scene.