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Bath & Body in Uganda

Bath & Body in Uganda
Bath & Body in Uganda

Jugo Ngan, founder of the NGO “National Alliance for Health and Wellness Education for Development of Youth”, said the World Health Organization gave only half of Uganda’s population 20 hours of basic health care free in 2011.

“We have to make sure the quality of the life in society is high, and it’s not possible on our own, or at least we’re very conservative,” Ngan said.

And the organization’s policy statement on health provides an “adequate health care” for children, saying: “There are few who can afford a basic standard of life, to some extent, of health care.”

Abuse of authority

Foule said the Ugandan government should use force to combat abuses.
“Children’s right to education, access to safe and legal health support and to healthcare and basic needs in their homes means that people can gain and maintain basic rights,” he said.

“They are now able to go to school, for example, or school with no problems – a school system that is based on an authoritarian rule.

“And if they do not provide enough and their mothers, or if they cannot afford those things or want to see a home full of toys that give them a good quality of life and access to work. So that more children learn from these systems, there’s a danger that they don’t provide good services with their basic needs and they are