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2nd-Light – Yamaha MTN-01-3


1) (5) – Yamaha MTN-01 B

2) (5) Yamaha MTN-01 C

2) Yamaha MTN-01 D

4) (5) Yamaha MTN-01 B

B) (1) – Yamaha MTN-02-1

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1st Light – Yamaha MTN-02-5

1st Light

2nd-Light – Yamaha MTN-02-6.shim

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4th-Light – Yamaha MTN-03-1

5) (5) Yamaha MTN-03 B-D

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2nd Light – Yamaha MTN-03-2.shim

2nd Light

5th-Light – Yamaha
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Vault Of The Elements

In case you haven’t seen an early version of the new collection, it’s quite something.

The collection’s five new tracks come via the digital store, including a very exciting cover band from New Jersey. The band “The Elements” debuted at EMI’s 2015 EMI Pop Music Summit, where they went on the road, giving the music industry a platform for its big performances, including a special “Vaporizer” episode of EW in February 2014.

They also have a collection of singles (with guest spots in 2012’s “Wise Young Men,” and 2012’s “Curb In The Streets”) and albums (with guest spots in 2011’s “Wise Young Men”), as well as a two-part disco and disc-length, “The Elements.”

At EMI, the collection features songs by some of the world’s most respected music-theaterists, who provide insights on what the contemporary music industry is all about. One can only wonder how this music-industry community will feel about the new albums from their new label, “The Elements.” In 2015, EMI introduced their upcoming lineup, which is based on the EMI Radio Festival 2013 album “Merry Riddles.”

This release is based on the EMI Radio Festival