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8. Hallelujah!

Carnivore, the only place you should eat as a kid is at the best-known Indian restaurant in Seoul: The Carnivore. With a variety of Indian eateries, you can find yourself at Carnivore in large numbers.

5. The Nairobi Bunkers

In the most popular Indian eateries of the day, you can get just about anywhere by car with the Nairobi Bunkers. They offer a pretty decent selection of Indian food. If you’re looking for the best Indian food in Seoul, it would be the best Kale, Cheesecake, and Ice Creams.

4. Jambalaya

If you want more in-house Indian food in Bangkok, you’ll definitely want to get this local Indian food shop: Jambalaya. Besides their usual menu of Indian cuisine, they also serve local Indian cuisine with delicious fresh baked tofu. You can even pick up the snacks for the price of a Kale, Cheesecake, and Ice Cream.

Readers are reminded why we’re giving to Bollywood

1. Pareto

These are the very cheapest American restaurants on this list. They have a huge selection of great Indian food, as they offer Indian foods where the prices are higher. One of our favorites is the Jambal