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Email Protection | Cloudflare

Email Protection | Cloudflare
Email Protection | Cloudflare

The security of the SSL certificate on your website is critical for secure websites. If you have ever used a Microsoft or Google Web Application to protect your website over SSL, there will immediately be an increase in your traffic coming from trusted peers. It’s important to remember that the more secure you are, the greater the impact it will have on your website.

As a result, there is always the opportunity to reduce your SSL levels by sending out different certificates to different websites. Depending on your organization, you might want to test different certificates before building your website.

I’ve discussed how using different certificate levels and settings would significantly reduce your SSL levels in the last post. For the sake of brevity, I will only point out that in the last post I outlined how to create a certificate from the two different certificates.

I have used three separate certificate levels to setup SSL. In the last post I compared them to the first certificate in the certificate set. In this article I will not address how I can change these two certificate levels or how to add more certificates. You can also find a complete article about setting the certificate levels directly in this article.

For a full list of these security methods, check out the complete blog post I wrote about the security of a Windows Application with Certificates. Email Protection | Cloudflare
Certificate Set-up – I’ve used this tool several times to get more information about this website.

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