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2019 Nissan Maxima against the trends

2019 Nissan Maxima: Bucking the trends.

Despite the decline in sales of sedans and passenger cars in general, against the background of the continued growth in popularity of crossovers, Nissan has updated the Maxima for two thousand nineteen years. But will the clients of the Japanese manufacturer appreciate it??

The position of sedans on modern car market is deplorable, if not to say more. We often hear stories about the continued growth in popularity of crossovers and how automakers are eliminating cars and hatchbacks from their own model lines one after another almost once a day. Still, cars are still a big part of that business. Sales of small, medium and large models (including cars and hatchbacks) are in the millions every month. And while other brands are fleeing the situation, Nissan is somehow making the best of it by staying put.

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“[Nissan] is optimistic about the sedan market,” Ann Corrao, Nissan’s Maxima director and chief marketing officer, told at the launch of the company’s redesigned flagship in Napa Plain, Calif. “If you offer the right car to the market, you can sell it.”.

And Nissan is convinced that the upgraded Maxima is just the right car to attract a wide range of customers, from young FASSBIER from German to English people from the generation of millennials to middle-aged people from generation “X”.

Gallery: two thousand nineteen Nissan Maxima.

Configurations in the exterior of the updated flagship car are barely perceptible, but significant and effective. Produced at the Nissan Smyrna plant in Tennessee, the four-door has the same bulky branded grille V-motion, as the Altima two thousand nineteen years. The model began to look more masculine and tough thanks to newly shaped bumpers and redesigned lighting equipment. And for the best contrast and visual perception of the updated Nissan has painted some elements and pads in glossy black, and covered others with a layer of chrome.

Additional elegance was given to the automobile by LED “boomerangs” of tail lights and twin muzzles of exhaust system pipes, carefully “entered” into the diffuser of the rear bumper. A pair of new design wheel options for the better version of the Maxima Platinum Reserve rims have surfaced. Both have been designed to make the wheels look lighter (though it’s unclear if there’s any real reduction in unsprung masses) with a contrasting coloring to create the effect of thinner spokes. And the finishing touch in updating the car’s exterior is the Sunset Drift Chromaflair body color.

The main change in the interior of the model will be seen, probably, only by the most attentive and sensitive. It is about the concentration of color accents of finishing in certain areas, but not all over the cabin. It is rather pleasant and positive improvement, though not striking. The interior is available in two trim options, one of which, Rakuda Tan, is only available in the most expensive Platinum Reserve edition. His car borrowed from the GT-R supercar, adding a quilted pattern. The Rakuda Tan leather upholstery is nice to the touch and looks great. And it blends well with the Carnelian Red burgundy body color of our test car.

In the process of restyling, Maxima has received new technologies and safety systems. Namely, a set of electric assist Nissan Safety Shield 360, which includes: a collision warning function with pedestrian detection and automatic braking before an obstacle, automatic faraway light, lane departure warning system and blind spot monitoring. And then there’s the reverse braking and rear cross-traffic warning features (other than automatic braking and blind spot monitoring, they’re all new to the four-door). And while this set of electrical assistants is still only an option for the “Maxima” two thousand nineteen years, in the foreseeable future, it should become part of the list of standard equipment of most models of Nissan.

Nissan says that maneuverability and dynamic properties usually interest Maxima buyers more than those who prefer Altima.

Deflot all “Maxima” two thousand nineteen years will receive the newest function “reminder of the back door”. The company developed it after one of the engineers of Nissan forgot to climb on the back seat of his car. The system uses a certain logic, not weight sensors or any detectors. It’s simple – if the back door of the car was open before you drove off, Maxima thinks you put something in the back seat. So when you arrive at the end of your route and park, the car will wait for the rear door to open again. If it does not, you will hear a beep to remind you to check the backseat for things you left there.

Among the car’s other new tricks are a driver drowsiness monitoring function that detects if the driver is awake by steering wheel movements, a road sign detection system, wireless software updates (hello, Tesla!), connection to Google Assistant and standard USB-C ports for quick charging devices.

Nissan says the Maxima’s maneuverability and driving characteristics tend to appeal more to Maxima buyers than those who prefer the Altima. And, focusing on our experience, gained during the test drive, we can safely assert that the newcomer surpasses many of its direct rivals in terms of getting pleasure behind the wheel. But, to call Maxima a “sports sedan”, as advertisers of Nissan wish, will be a little bit exaggeration of its abilities.

Nevertheless, seats in “Maxima” of one thousand nine hundred nineteen are simply fantastic. They’re perfectly supportive and easy to adjust. Especially the front seats. Quite often in sedans of this size there can be problems with visibility. But in the case of the updated Nissan flagship, this defect is compensated by a wide range of seat options (especially height).

Despite all discussions of company representatives about the best dynamism of Maxima, the car unit has not undergone any configurations. As before, the flagship is equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 internal combustion engine, which transmits torque to the front wheels by means of a continuously variable transmission (CVT). But, this engine with its three hundred and four forces and three hundred and fifty-four Nm is not bad and optimal for a car in this class.

It simply and smoothly accelerates the car weighing almost 1.7 tonnes. But it’s not quite good enough to be called the “sports saloon” it so stubbornly claims to be. If you can move through traffic and don’t want to push the car to the limit, it’s a joy to drive. But once you step on the gas pedal, the car reveals itself to be quite lazy and unhurried compared to its rivals with turbo engines and impressive torque readily available from down low. But, even at this tempo, the tandem of V6 and variator sounds amazing. With no tear and no martyr notes in its voice.

The tandem of a petrol V6 and a continuously variable variator sounds terrific.

Pummel the Maxima through a series of sweeping curves. The car’s got good roadholding and handles like no bends. Still, Maxima’s no athlete. Although it is fast enough, this car never provokes its own driver to go faster, hit the gas more forcefully, feel lateral overload and find the limits of traction in the turns. May be a sharper steering with good feedback would help to make “Maxima” more athletic. But on the other hand it can drive away the buyers who just need an elegant big car.

Maxima of one thousand nine hundred fifteen is available in five options: S, SV, SL, SR and Platinum. In all, starting with the junior S ($33,950), the NissanConnect infotainment system with an 8-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, also Блютуз. Automatic critical braking is also in all compartments by default, but not the pedestrian detection feature, which only SR and Platinum buyers will get.

The SV version ($35,960) assumes leather upholstery and navigation. The SL ($38,440) adds a two-piece panoramic sunroof and Bose speakers. The SR version ($39,530) has sportier suspension options, steering wheel paddles for shifting gears to simulate automatic transmission, a rear spoiler and gloss black 19-inch wheels. With the better Platinum version ($41,440), the customer gets more expensive and high-quality leather in the interior upholstery, radial vision system cameras, NissanConnect telematics functions and the previously mentioned Nissan Safety Shield three hundred sixty package.

So, if in all five options updated Maxima is armed with a similar power unit and a generous list of standard equipment, in other words, whether there is some sense in buying the best version Platinum? Undoubtedly more expensive and richer equipped versions of the car more convenient, but most of the favorite options, such as panoramic sunroof are available in the medium-sized versions. The package of electric assist systems Safety Shield three hundred sixty certainly impressive, but something do not want to overpay for it at the moment, when they themselves representatives of Nissan say that in a year or two the same functionality will be available.

Our test car was also equipped with the optional $1140 Reserve package, including GT-R-style upholstery, heated rear seats, and specially designed wheels. And also this package includes bronze with diamond-shaped pattern, a wide horizontal padding on the entire front panel, which does not mix either with the color of the leather upholstery, nor with contrast stitching. Anyway, someone may not even see it. Otherwise, we had no complaints to the interior of the car.

At the moment, Maxima is in a good position. On the one hand sales of sedans decrease and in two thousand eighteen years in the U.S. was sold only thirty-seven thousand of these “Nissan” against sixty-eight thousand in 2017. But on the other hand such nearest rivals as Форд Taurus and Chevrolet Impala are leaving the market, and the Dodge Charger is already outdated. Finally, only Тоета Avalon is left among competitors to be reckoned with. And that means the updated Nissan flagship has a chance to grab customers from retreating rivals when it hits the U.S. market later this month.

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